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*UPDATE* 5/22/17

[Keyboard Mouse controls added

Mac Build Added]

Plug in your XBOX 360 Controller and play my thesis project made at the Maryland Institute College of Art. A Year in the making!

In Biblo Pugno you play as a young girl who decides to skip school and explore the world on her own terms with the help of a magical Tome that follows her.

In this game I wanted to produce a game that embodied my struggle growing up with ADHD in Middle and High School.

Art & Design - Zac Bolubasz

Code - Johnny Von T

Concept - Katherine Souza

Music - Casey Leach


PC BUILD.zip 41 MB
MAC_Build.zip 44 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file and launch the executable. As long as the _data files are in the same place as the launcher.

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